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Friday, May 22, 2015

Silver Madness


The High End is over and work continues. Some new projects coming up. Pieter Treurniet of Tribute delivered a batch of silver transformers with finemet cores at the High End.

These are for two sets of mono amplifiers. The first one a new build of the insane 211/211 amplifiers.

The output transformers with 16 primary:

And a set of ouput transformers for 300B amps: These have 5k primaries, ideal for the Elrog ER300B:

These will go into a new incarnation of the already shown 300B amps. The power supplies of these are already finished. To make the madness complete both amps will use mercury vapour rectifiers.

The interstage transformers for 10Y and 211:

The transformers perform very well on the test bench. Stay tuned for updates as the assembly of these amps proceeds.

Best regards


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Team


The last day of the show is approaching it's end. In this last post from the High End I would like to introduce the team:

As last year, I had the pleasure to team up with Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl and Wolf von Langa to set up a joint system.

Wolf on the left, Bernd in the middle and myself on the right. I'd like to thank Bernd and Wolf for the great team work. It's been a wonderful show.

And many thanks to the High End Society for organising such a great fair. The High End became the most important show for high end HiFi and is the perfect venue for small manufacturers like us to present themselves. And last but not least many thanks to all the visitors.

See you again in Munich next year!

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2015 - Amplifier Swap


Due to popular demand we switched the power amps today. Instead of the Stereo amp we now have the 300B mono amps in place.

This is a 4 chassis amplifier, the signal sections left and right and two power supplies.

While the stereo amp has an indirectly heated driver tube (6SN7) these monos use a directly heated triode as driver (10Y):

The amps use Tango interstage and output transformers. In this case the transformers are from the 'original' Tango while it was still part of Hirata Electric. After Hirata closed the Tango production, transformer manufacturing was restarted under the ISO Tango brand. Unfortunately also ISO Tango closed it's operation last year. So these amplifiers are very special since the transformers are not obtainable any more, especially the output transformer which is a permalloy core version is very rare since not many of those got produced.

The pricing of 32.000,- Euros for the set of 4 chassis takes the scarcity of the transformers into account. Once these amps are sold, I will not be able to build new ones like this.

We will keep these amps in the system for the whole day. Last chance to listen to them. visit us in room F231c.

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Amplifier


The last component to be presented from our demo system is the power amplifier.

A stereo single ended 300B amp with the Elrog ER300B tubes.

amp on the left and external power supply on the right. The amp was already described here.

Output power about 5W per channel.

The amplifier is priced at 9.500,- Euros including Elrog ER300B tubes.

Today is the last chance to listen to this amp at the High End fair. Visit room F231c!

Best regards


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Speakers


The speakers of out demo system at the high End are the Swing made by Wolf von Langa.

The Swing is Wolf's ultimate field coil speaker implementation.

With their high sensitivity of 99db they work nicely with the 5W from the single ended 300B amp we are using.

The open baffle construction gives a very detailed and open sound.

Due to the open baffle construction, the crossovers are in separate housings:

And the field coil power supplies come in similar chassis:

The wooden side panels give the speaker a unique look.

Visit us in room F231c to listen to the Swing.

Besides the Swing, Wolf also brought another, smaller model called SON:

The SON combines a field coil woofer with a air motion transducer.

The SON is used by Axiss Europe with Air Tight amplifiers:

Visit Stand T17 in Hall one to listen to the SON.

Best regards