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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 19


At every ETF there are plenty EMT turntables

Indestructible classics which play and play and play.

C'est ne pas un Nagra. Le Nagra c'est caca. C'est un Stellavox...

... the response of the proud owner of this beautiful portable reel to reel when I asked him if this is a Nagra.

Best regards


Life from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 18


The Austrian gang started setting up a system yesterday which was up and running today.

A lot of soldering went on until late yesterday evening:

David Hanger brought some speakers which are in prototype status.

The system filled the huge room with great sound.

Best regards


Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 17


Here a random photo collection of gear at this years ETF.

Beautiful Siemens amplifier.

Some serious equipment for measurements:

These guys will definitely not run out of DVMs. And of course the classic Weller soldering iron in light blue:

This is a record cleaning machine. I am not joking:

Turntables everywhere:

Check out this tonearm:

Creative way to add some additional weight:

C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse. C'est très, très précis:

Best regards


Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 16


More tube porn. This time from the Danish room.

Magic blue glow from a set of rectifiers in Bjorns amp:

Rectifiers made in Denmark, supplying juice to an amp with Siemens Da DHTs probably made in Berlin.

The driver is a Bo, also made by Siemens. Beautiful horizontally mounted mesh plate.

The amp:

The anode of the Da consists of two separate plates, so the filament is visible from the side.

D3a tube in a LCR phono stage:

Extraordinary execution of the chassis work, made by Claus:

Best regards


Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 15


Speaker rotation in the French/Japanese room. The Altec horns got their turn.

These gave a beautiful well balanced and natural music presentation.

Very enjoyable to listen to!

Best regards