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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Live from Hong Kong : High End AV Show 2018, Part 4


Today is the last day of the Hong Kong show. Time for one more post with some impressions.

Let's start with a video clip from our room.

As in the previous days the hall is buzzing with crowds of people.

It is amazing how many visitors come to this show, so many people crazy about good sound.

We are having a great time and I would like to thank all the visitors for the warm welcome and good discussions.

Also thanks to Emmanuel of Baoling Audio for setting up the booth.

And to Chuck from Azzolina Audio for the Mojo speakers.

Here another short video clip taken this morning:

Looking forward to next years show. Next time we might bring a set up for 78rpm records and do some sessions with historic records as well.

See you all in Hong Kong in 2019


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Live from Hong Kong : High End AV Show 2018, Part 3


Here a few impressions from the second show day.

We are having another great day at the show.

Some tube porn:

The new Elrog ER887:

ER274A rectifier:

Like yesterday it is a lot of fun to play music and chat with our visitors:

The Azzolina Audio Mojo:


Another short video:

Looking forward to another great show day! Visit us in hall 3 , booth X22

Best regards


Friday, August 10, 2018

Live from Hong Kong : High End AV Show 2018, Part 2


The first day of the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual show is almost over.

Here a few impressions from our booth. Azzolina Mojo speakers and 845 mono amplifiers:

Line stage and Phono (middle ) sources on the right and a 300B stereo amp (not in use) on the left.

Our booth:

We had great attendance all day and a lot of fun playing all kinds of music.

Here some sound impressions:

Another one:

Like last year there was life music in the foyer of the show all the time.

A short video clip of the band:

It's been a great start into thew show. Looking forward to the next two days. Come visit us in hall 3, booth X22.

Best regards


Live from Hong Kong : High End AV Show 2018, Part 1


Yesterday we set up our booth at the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual how 2018. Here a few first impressions.

Arrival at the gorgeous exhibition centre.

The usual pre show chaos in the hall.

Our booth in preparation:

Unloading the gear:

The main attraction of our demo are the new 845 mono blocks with 887 driver:

Some decoration for the outside of the booth arrived:

Thomas Schick turntable:

Emmanuel and Zev of Pure Audio Project

The room starts to take shape:

This year we have two sets of speakers to show. Pure Audio Project and Azzolina Audio:

Ready to start the show. Come visit us in hall 3, booth X22.
Stay tuned for further show updates

Best regards


Friday, August 3, 2018

Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH Anniversary


Time flies! We are celebrating the second anniversary of Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH! Two years ago I announced the founding of a new company to take over and continue the production of Elrog vacuum tubes.

Initially we continued the production of the 3 types which the former ELROG Elektronenröhren GmbH  & Co KG made, the ER211, ER845 and ER300B. All the tubes received significant changes to solve the issues which the old Elrog tubes had and which caused the company to go bankrupt. This finally led to the 'inverted' style of the 211 and 845 which we announced at our 1st anniversary

Right from the beginning we intended also to broaden the tube portfolio. So we introduced molybdenum versions of the ER211 and ER845, which we named ER242 and ER284.

A rectifier was introduced as well, the ER274B and it's UX4 base variant ER274A.

Here a feedback from a customer who uses the ER274B:

Just want to let you know that my 300B amplifier just took the step to next level :-) Have now adjusted it a little for the 2A filament and installed the ER274B. Initial impressions is wider sound stage and deeper bass. Mid and top was already fantastic after the ER300B upgrade. This is now a killer amp that can compete with the best, in my own opinion at least. I am super happy.

The latest additions are the ER801A, ER50...

...and a completely new type, the ER887 a driver tube for the ER845:

With these latest additions we have a total of 10 different types.

The first batch of ER801A has been shipped to customers. ER50 will be shipped this month. We also provided a sample pair ER801A to the Bartola Valve blog for review. And here a feedback from a customer who uses the ELROG ER801a in a line stage:

I find the ER801’s to be far superior in resolution, speed and tonal presentation, especially the bass. I am sure you know the situation of listening to a familiar piece of music with new equipment and hearting parts of the recording you didn’t know where there at all.

I Would like to thank all our customers for using our tubes and especially thanks to the hard working staff of Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manfaktur GmbH. When we started many believed we would not be able to survive this endeavour. But here we are two years down the road and we will keep going!

Best regards