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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 10


Here the results from the finals of the shootout.

The winner was an amp with Eimac transmitter tubes.

Here the first part of the finals:

The audience demanded another piece of music to make a final decision.

See the second clip to learn more about this amplifier:

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Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 9


One of the traditions of the ETF is a shootout.

This years topic are single ended amplifiers.

16 participants entered the contest.

The shootout happened in knock out fashion in four rounds.

After the first round 8 players were left.

Those entered into round 2 which left 4 players in the field.

Then a semi-final and final round.

The large main speakers system was used.

It has enough efficiency to fill the big room with sound.

Here the final preparations before the actual shootout. Level matching of all amps and main are all are working:

And here the first two contestants:

The final round and winner will be shown in part 10 of my ETF report. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 8


Another Mono System, set up by Thomas Nöltner.

A big horn concept.

A vintage bass drive unit is mounted on the side.

And a vintage compression driver on the midrange.

Sound check:

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Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 7


Here another system sound check.

Often it is the small systems which are very intriguing.

Quickly set up in a corner and easily overlooked.

Built with passion.

And not taking things too seriously.

But simply lovely sounding:

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Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 6


A quick system sound check at the ETF.

A small system set up in the medieval environment.


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Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 5


A quick introduction to the amps wich power the main system.

These are some impressive amplifiers!

Built by Hans Fontain.

A massive 4 chassis affair with separate mercury vapour rectified power supplies.

Both the driver and output tube can be easily swapped. Everything mounted on modules.

Big transmitting tubes. Including the gargantuan GM100.

Here a video of the main system paying between two lectures. With some footage of Hans' amps (not playing during this video).

Thanks a lot to Hans for brining these behemoths to Bellême.

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Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 4


The Hifi Heroin guys set up an awesome mono system...

As is their style, with mercury vapour thyratrons as rectifiers.

'Door Knob' driver tube and globe output tube.

That blue glow is mesmerising .

Mono can be so special and direct:

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 3


Here a few impressions from the room with a setup by the French team.

A very nice system, based on Altec speakers.

Here two video clips with the system playing:

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