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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Introducing the INTREPID product line


I'd like to present the photos of the first unit of my new product line called 'Intrepid'.

This new line represents the state of the art of my work. Using newly designed chassis which I introduced in an earlier post.

Each component of this product line consists of two chassis. Signal unit and external power supply.

The first member of this family is the all silver differential 10Y line preamplifier.

All signal relevant transformers and chokes are silver wound. In this case without any capacitors in the signal path.

The power supply is tube rectified. The tubes reside inside the chassis. So that the units can be stacked.

The signal tubes, in this case TM801A, are placed on the top of the preamp chassis.

The chassis are milled from solid blocks of aluminum for a seamless surface.

The placement of the knobs on the signal unit was changed after the power supply chassis was already milled. In the final version the knobs of signal chassis and PSU will be aligned.

This preamp uses XLR connectors throughout but RCA can be specified as well. Also number of inputs, engravings and placement of knobs can be chosen individually. As well as different surface treatment.

For example brushed surface as in this alternate PSU chassis.

Also black anodisation is possible or different colors as shown in recent Compactron builds.

The chassis before it got populated with parts:

PSU chassis:

The Intrepid line will be completed with Phono stage, DAC and mono blocks soon.

The intrepid product line will be on demo at the upcoming High End show in Munich.

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  1. A rather prosaic question, Thomas, but what are the dimensions of these units?

    1. 434 by 434 mm, 100mm high plus feet

  2. I miss tube of the month 😞