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Monday, December 26, 2011

Tube Box Art, Part 2: National Union


In this second installment of the Tube Box Art series, I will show how the packaging art work of the vacuum tube manufacturer National Union changed over the years.

Like almost all tube manufacturers, they started with very colorful and beautiful tube boxes which changed to simpler designs over the years. The company was founded in 1929 as a merger of 3 radio tube manufacturers. They produced tubes for about 30 years until the company merged with Eureka-Williams.

The photo below shows the packaging of a NX112A tube (equivalent to the type UX112A):

This was a globe tube form the 1920ies or early 1930ies. When the ST style glass came up, NU changed the packaging. Still quite nice, but a bit more technoid. The next photo shows the box of a 6A6 (predecessor of the 6N7):

This package is probably from the mid to late 1930ies. During the 1940ies the box art got further simplified, but they maintained the green colors. Below a box of a 45 tube:

And their last tube box style, here the packaging of a 71A:

Stay tuned for more tube box art posts, covering manufacturers like Sylvania, Arcturus, also some european brands and many others.

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