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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making of a SE 6CB5A Amplifier: Assembly


In this article, the assembly process of the SE 6CB5A amp will be shown.

First the metal plate which holds all the parts gets mounted in an assembly rig:

Here the caps, power transformer and tube sockets are already mounted. Some initial wiring to the power transformer and rectifier sockets is done:

Heater wiring to the signal tubes and some wiring to the caps:

Output transformers, two of the chokes and the resistors mounted and wired up:

The last missing pieces, interstage transformers and two more filter chokes:

Everything assembled and ready for the first measurements and listening test:

After measurements and listening test results are as expected, the power transformer cover can be mounted and the amp inserted into it's wooden frame:

Another shot taken in the dark, with the amp switched on:

The assembly of the matching line stage is almost finished and will be shown in an upcoming article.

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