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Monday, December 22, 2014

300B Drives 300B, Part 2


The new single ended 300B mono blocks with 300B driver are finished.

The Elrog ER300B casts a beautiful light onto the top metal plate with shadow 'beams' coming out at either side of the tube.

The complete set of amps with power supplies:

As is obvious, chassis layout and construction style are similar to the 10Y/300B amps.

The basic character of these 300B/300B amps is quite similar to that of the 10Y/300B. The 300B drivers give a warmer more full bodied sound.

Probably more a matter of taste which amp to prefer.

Light show in the dark:

I made a short video as well:

Best regards



  1. Hallo Thomas, wieder mal ein Meisterwerk! Welche Musik läuft in dem Video?

  2. Danke... Das ist ein Instrumental-Stück von Nina Simone...

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Did you have an schematic for this amp ?

    Thank you

    1. Sorry, but I cannot share all schematics of my amplifiers publicly.
      Many schematics are published but some are only available with the purchase of a kit

      Best regards