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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Stereo 300B Amplifier, Part 2


In this post I will show the assembly steps of the recently announced Stereo Amplifier with the Elrog ER300B triodes.

The top plate with sockets, resistors, capacitors and output transformers mounted:

Heater and B+ wiring in place as well as most of the signal wiring:

Chokes and interstage transformers are mounted on the next tier:

The inside of the completed PSU which has it's own chassis:

The finished amplifier:

Front view:

Stay tuned for part 3 with a report about the sound.

Best regards



  1. Hello Mr. Mayer,
    superb job !
    one question, the interstage is LL1660

    regards Simon

    1. Thanks! No it is a different interstage


  2. Do you use both halves of 6sn7 Or one can use 6j5?

  3. wow, what a beauty