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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Headphone Amplifier 2


Last month I showed the first headphone amp I ever built. That one was meant to be used with a preamplifier, hence it did not have input selector or volume control. This month I finished another version of that, this time with input selector switch and a volume attenuator at the input so sources can be connected directly to it.

It is based on the same circuit and component selection as the previous one, just with the selector added and a resistive ladder type volume control.

While the previous one had all the taps of the output transformers brought out to individual jacks, this only uses one of them to make room for the control switches.

Output tubes are triode wired E55L and the rectifier is the 6BY5.

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  1. Dear Thomas,

    Just out of curiosity but do you have any plans to make a headphone amp using a DHT like Woo WA234?


    1. Hi! As soon as someone orders a DHT headphone amp, I will build one