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Friday, July 3, 2015

211 -The Next Generation- Part 2 : 211 Drives 211, First Tests.


The trial assembly of one mono block of the new 211 drives 211 amps is finished.

An initial trial was necessary to test the component arrangement and to determine the final height of the chassis. And to test and tweak the circuit before it is built in the final version.

After the internals have been assembled, I got a preliminary enclosure made to check the visual appearance. the final version will have a different finish.

Above the 'naked' amp and power supply, one channel.

Connectors are still loosely attached and some components provisionally soldered in to tweak final performance.

Still quite messy.
The amp powered up:

The 211s are glowing and the filament voltage is spot on. The 866As blue glow will be much more visible in a darker room:

The top plate in the test enclosure:

All connections will be on a separate plate which is inserted in the back:

For now this is still an empty shell.

But gives a good view how the final amps will look like, then of course 4 chassis.

Stay tuned for updates when the construction progresses.

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