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Friday, March 25, 2016

EC8020 Differential Phono Stage - Part 2


In the first post about the differential EC8020 phono stage I showed the initial steps of the assembly. In the meantime the signal unit is finished.

All the socket sub plates mounted and heater connections wired:

Some transformers and inductors are placed on the top side:

These will later be hidden under transformer covers

All signal connections done with solid core silver wire:

All remaining components get mounted on a separate metal plate:

This is attached to the top plate:

The completed signal unit contains a total of 28 transformers and inductors!

Another 6 transformers and chokes will be housed in the separate power supply.

As soon as the wooden frame is finished the unit will be put into the housing. Stay tuned for the next part which will show the power supply assembly.

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  1. Oh my giddy aunt. I guess now we know how Lundahl stays in business!

    Absolutely beautiful work.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for posting another impressive 'iron man' build.. Are those rubber pads or heat shrink type material wrapped around the clamps used for the Lundahl grid chokes? Thank you.