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Friday, December 9, 2016

SE 211 Amplifier Production


A quick glimpse into my workshop showing the current work in progress.

3 Pairs of 211 drive 211 single ended amps are being built. Similar to the 211/211 amps shown last year.

The photo above shows the pre assembled sub modules which go inside the wooden chassis. The top plates for one set of amps are already done. Since each mono block has its separate chassis a total of 12 chassis to be assembled and tested.

The large stack in the back are the modules for high voltage smoothing. 3 chokes and plenty of oil caps:

The shorter stack in front are the modules with the final filter chokes which will reside in the amp chassis. On the right two stacks of modules with the large vacuum varnished B+ transformer and the separate DC filament supplies for driver and output tubes.

The modules with the Tribute output and interstage transformers:

NOS paper in oil caps for the critical sections.

The amp chassis will of course be equipped with Elrog ER211 tubes:

Alternatively these amps can also use the new ER242C.

While one set of the amps will get a similar hybrid rectifier as the amps from last year, the two others will use a bridge with 4 6AU4 TV dampers for rectification:

This is a similar arrangement as in the recently finished differential 300B amps.

The first set of these amps is due to be finished this month and the others will be done in January.

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  1. Hallo Thomas,
    wenn man am Schluß diese "gecleanten" Einheiten sieht, glaubt man doch fast nicht, was da alles drin steckt. Ich kann nur hoffen, dass du dich noch nicht wie ein Fließbandarbeiter fühlst.
    Ich für meinen Teil freue mich auf jeden Fall schon mal tierisch auf meine Exemplare...

    Mit den allerbesten Grüßen aus dem Schwarzwald,

  2. Awesome builds. Have you ever used xenon rectifiers? And how many volts do the large B+ transformers put out? I ask because before you were using a voltage doubler, but these transformers look bigger.

  3. Hi!
    I have not used Xenon rectifiers yet. The voltage double is only used in my entry level 211 amps with 6HS5 driver. These amps have a much improved power transformer



  4. Impressive. Wish I had more space and money. Oh well. How many volts do those transformers put out? They are immense! These 211 amps will have voltages I am too afraid to play with. I also love the ElRog 300B tubes. They are beautiful looking and sounding. I am using them in an amp inspired by your designs.

    1. Thanks, yes these transformers are quite big and heavy and can also deliver a lot of current. Please understand that I am not sharing technical details of these since they are the top of the line of my 211 amp offering.

    2. OK. I respect that. I cannot even imagine anyone trying to build that thing. I assume it's over 1000 volts. Just scary. More voltage than the subway I will ride home is too much voltage for me (I know the amperage is much much lower).