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Monday, February 12, 2018

The 46 drives 46 Amplifiers - Part 1


After the excellent sound achieved with the 46 amplifiers I built so far, I always wanted to make a more elaborated one with a second 46 as driver tube.

Finally somebody commissioned a set of mono blocks with this configuration. Here are some first photos of the initial construction steps.

The top plate only has the tubes exposed on the top. the two 46 and a row of 4 6AX4 or similar TV damper tubes for a full wave bridge rectifier. some components are directly mounted on the underside of the top plate for short signal paths:

This is how the top will look like with the tubes plugged in:

The amp will be constructed in the tower style similar to the recently finished 845 monos.

As in those the parts are mounted on separate sub modules which get stacked inside the chassis. Above the filter section of the high voltage supply, filament chokes (all filaments will be DC) and the Tango output transformer. The power supply section, with main B+ transformer and separate filament supplies for the two 46:

Stay tuned for updates as the construction of these progresses!

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  1. Watching this one. I love the 46 and have always thought this would be a good idea!

  2. This is amazing. I am new to tube amps and I can ask a fried to build one. Is it possible to request for a schematic. Thank you in advance

    1. No need to ask a friend, I sell these as finished product ;-)