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Friday, May 9, 2014

211 Drives 211, Part 6



Some adaptions had to be made for the final housing, so assembly got redone completely. New type of sockets required a different plate for holding them:

The top plate which covers the screws is already attached.

Adding the next layer with interstage and output transformers and some of the caps:

The inside completed:

Awaiting assembly into the housing:

The assembly inserted into the housing. All connectors come out at the bottom:

Another plate is attached to the bottom stem which has threaded holes on the underside which can take some feet, if needed.

This is just one mono amp!

Stay tuned for more photos.

Best regards



  1. Hi Thomas,

    As you don't have a problem with top cap rectifiers, is there a reason you go for the American dampers over something European like the EY500/6D22S? I presume you have to get the damper diodes from the USA?

    Love the unusual look of these amplifiers. Must have been a challenge to make them.



    1. Hi!
      In this amp top cap rectifiers are used to be able to plug in the mercury vapour 866A (Shown with 836). I don't use dampers with top caps. The US dampers are way cheaper to get than the european ones, even with shipping from the US

      Best regards


  2. Hi Thomas,
    beautiful structure and inside looking! i like it without cover or with transparent cover!

    1. Thanks Jason,

      I have another set of these amps ready (with silver transformers). These have different enclosures and one of them has a transparent one! I will show them at the High End in Munich.

      Best regards


  3. Very much looking forward to It.
    CU next week in MOC!