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Monday, May 12, 2014

211 Drives 211, Part 7 : Tours Sans Fin


As promised, more photos of the 211/211 amps which are nick named 'tours sans fin'.

A stereo set:

Power supplies on the outside and amps in the middle.

And here the set of amps with silver transformers in a different style:

One enclosure intentionally left transparent to allow a peek at the inside.

The two sets of amps together:

Come to the High End to listen to these!

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  1. I dig the copper look. Its funny how different they all look depending on the finish. The wooden outsides looks 50's art deco (not my cupa, but still very cool) while the copper looks ultra modern and the clear looks sci-fi industrial.

    1. Hi Josh!
      The copper and silver enclosures are actually only trials. They are simply done by inserting a foil inside of the glass tube. The final enclosures will be better and I plan to try some different other things.


  2. Thomas, You never cease to surprise, inspire, and delight. Well Done!

  3. Hi Thomas,
    who made the bayonet sockets? They slightly resemble Luciano's.


  4. Wow. Just, wow. I so enjoy the endless work you produce in mastering the art of amp making. Lovely.