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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 1


Just arrived in Berlin where the European Triode Festival is hosted this year for the third and last time before it moves to another country. As last year, the ETF takes place at the Teikyo Hotel in the south of Berlin in, a beautiful area by a lake (Zeuthener See).

Above the logo at the entrance. Although I arrived early this morning, I was not the first one. Some participants already arrived yesterday evening and unloaded their stuff.

Thomas Schick, one of the organisers of the ETF, brought his stuff in a repurposed fire truck:

Apparently Thomas is a member of the Lenco Gang:

And he is not the only one:

The Munich Triode Mafia also came early to ensure they get one of the best rooms. They brought a lot of interesting stuff:

Ralph Gibbemeyer brought a big speaker which uses several pairs of Electro Voice horns.

A photo of Ralph's system at his home can be seen in this post. Another speaker of the Munich gang:

This is part of Gunters set up. Here he is working on a preamp:

This is the fun and interesting part of ETF. People who bring stuff, either finished to half finished and you can watch them finish things right there and experience how the systems evolve over the three days.

Holger Barske brought his JBL 4355 replicas. Of course still to be finished.

Holger and friends also arrived yesterday and obviously last night was quite tough:

A lot of stuff still to be mounted into the cabinets:

Unique damping material:

Various electronics are available to power these speakers once they are finished.

Only some tubes to be plugged in and ready to go:

Stay tuned for more!

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