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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 16


More tube porn. This time from the Danish room.

Magic blue glow from a set of rectifiers in Bjorns amp:

Rectifiers made in Denmark, supplying juice to an amp with Siemens Da DHTs probably made in Berlin.

The driver is a Bo, also made by Siemens. Beautiful horizontally mounted mesh plate.

The amp:

The anode of the Da consists of two separate plates, so the filament is visible from the side.

D3a tube in a LCR phono stage:

Extraordinary execution of the chassis work, made by Claus:

Best regards



  1. Hallo Thomas,

    hast du jemals darüber nachgedacht, einen Bildband herauszugeben oder zumindest Kunstdrucke anzubieten? Das sind wirklich ganz hervorragende Fotos, die du da machst.

    Gruß, Jonathan

  2. One of the most cosy room, calm and cool. A bit way from the crowd. The most beautiful tube amp was running in that room.


  3. Hallo Thomas,

    sehr coole Fotos. Ich war da und habe es so nicht gesehen!!!