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Friday, November 11, 2016

Live from Denmark : ETF 2016 - Part 10, Shootout Preparations


While at previous ETFs the shootout always was a comparison between different types of amps, preamps, power supplies or tweeters. The organisers came up with something completely new this year.

The comparison is between different recording equipment.

Each contestant enters with his own complete recording set up. Microphones and recorder. Anything is allowed, analogue tape or digital. Acoustic live music will get recorded by all participants simultaneously this evening

And then played back through the main system tomorrow and the audience will vote.

What a great idea!

When I first heard about this years shootout topic I was wondering how many people will participate.

But as I saw all participants setting up their recording gear today, I was amazed by the variety of different set ups and concepts.

Some seem to put utmost importance on the microphone cable....

others have very specific ways to mount, damp and control the microphones.

Pierre-Francois brought his secret weapon called Fritz:#

A dummy head microphone.

Made by Neumann:

He let me listen through the headphone while the dummy head mic was on. A spooky experience! of course he uses his Stellavox to record:

Lots of preparations and discussion are going on before the actual recording this evening.

So much cool gear.

This is going to be very interesting. Stay tuned!

Best regards


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