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Friday, November 22, 2013

Live from Berlin : ETF 2013 - Part 1


Just arrived at the ETF 2013 in Berlin and would like to share some initial impressions.

As every year tube amps dominate but transistor gear is also tolerated. The tube above is part of an interesting amp which obviously uses both tubes and semiconductors:

I need to talk to the owner to get some more information about it. It was part of this system:

Interesting speaker concept:

An amplifier stand in the spirit of the ETF:

another cool creation:

The tube used in this amp looks like a 832 thoriated tungsten filamentary transmitting triode:

Tubes, tubes, tubes:

Another system:

Cool speaker design:

Besides amps, speakers and other audio gear there is also all kind of weird stuff:

For example in the flea market section:

And the highlight of my first walk around, the disco:

With an incredible EMT 927A-ST turntable console:

40cm platters! Cool set up, great sound and great music.

A wow and flutter meter connected to the EMT. I have never seen something like that:

It's operated with the case open so the inside can be seen. Apparently it works with a light beam which is deflected by a mirror which has it's angle controlled:

Stay tuned for more live reports from Berlin!

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  1. I believe those are JMLC modified Iwata cnc wood horns.. Rest in peace JMLC. Godspeed.