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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Live from Berlin : ETF 2013 - Part 3


Here is the 3rd instalment of my ETF2013 report:

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to listen to this vintage Klangfilm system:

Klangfilm speakers powered by a Klangfilm amplifier.

Although there was a beautiful EMT turntable hooked up to the system we listend to some digital source.

I walked by the system while some electronic music was playing and I immediately got drawn into the sound an sat down. Although the music was very minimalistic it was absolutely amazing. The system filled the room with sounds all over the place.

The room had a lot of echo and was quite open, actually the system was set up in the hallway. Still the sound was amazing. No matter what kind of weaknesses there where maybe in the bass and in the resolution, it had such an impact that it made you forget about the shortcomings and just enjoy the sound. It was a blast!

Yesterday also the shootout of LR phono preamps took place.

Preparation of the system for the shootout:

The speakers:

A turntable by Frank Schröder served as source:

Of course precautions are taken to adjust the setup to equal levels for each phono stage in the test:

Amplification was done by a single ended 300B:

One of the contestants:

I have to admit that I missed the shootout itself. I was too busy talking to people, listening to systems and taking photos...

Stay tuned for more.

Best regards


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