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Friday, April 19, 2024

The Intrepid Line Preamplifier


In January I gave an introduction to the Intrepid product line with a first prototype of a line stage. Now the final version of the Intrepid Line Preamplifier is finished.

A line preamplifier with directly heated triodes and fully balanced and transformer coupled circuit for a truly capacitor less signal path.

As minimalistic as possible in design. Chassis milled from a solid block of metal, including the chassis for the separate power supply.

Like in all Intrepid products only silver wound transformers in the signal path including a silver transformer volume control.

The preamp can be built for different tubes, like 10Y, 801A, 26, UX201A and many others.

As standard it comes with custom developed tubes exclusively made for the Intrepid series.

All tubes carry a 5 year warranty.

The two chassis can be placed side by side or can be stacked.

Each input is transformer coupled via silver wound transformers.

Each input can be configured for different gains or all the same

Like all Intrepid products this line stage is built to order and can be customised.

This line stage will be on demo at the Munich High End, May 9-12, Hall 2, F06

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Monday, April 15, 2024

The Intrepid Digital to Analog Converter


The Intrepid DAC is finished.

It has the same digital inputs as the Heritage DAC and also the same configuration with 3 chassis: DA section, Analog Power Supply and Digital Power Supply.

In contrast to the Heritage DAC which has a single ended analog stage, the Intrepid DAC has a fully balanced discrete R2R DAC which feeds a balanced output stage with 2 directly heated triodes per channel. 

These are coupled to the output with a silver wound transformer without any capacitors in the signal path. With a total of 6 signal relevant transformers and inductors wound in silver.

All three chassis are milled from solid blocks of aluminum.

Like the Heritage DAC this one can be ordered with different kinds of output tubes.

As standard it is equipped with the 'ONE' a new tube development by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH exclusively for my electronics.

The ONE comes with 5 years warranty.

The ONE uses a cylindrical arrangement of the electrodes for perfect symmetry in all directions from filament to plate. This results in very linear plate curves.

This DAC will be on demo at the upcoming Munich High End Hall2, F06

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

TM300B available to order


We will produce a limited run of TM300B in May. Orders can be placed now. Shipment expected in June.

Email me with your shipping destination and information about the amplifier you want to use them in. We only do this one TM300B production run this year.

Best regards


Saturday, April 6, 2024

Gear in the making


Work is in progress to complete the Intrepid product line up.

The Phono Preamplifier is in the making.

Working on the preamp chassis:

Partially finished.

The signal section of the line preamplifier is complete:

Power supply chassis still to be done.

The chassis for the Digital to Analog Converter arrived.

Like the Heritage DAC it consists of three chassis, signals section:

Analog power supply:

And digital power supply:

Like all Intrepid components the chassis are milled from solid aluminum blocks.

Stay tuned for updates as all this gear gets finished.

Best regards


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The Intrepid Power Amplifiers


A pair of Intrepid Power Amplifiers is finished.

In a previous prost I already introduced the concept of the Intrepid product line and showed a pre production model.

This pair of power amplifiers represents the first of the Intrepid series.

The amps are similar in concept to the Heritage Power Amplifiers, but everything is upgraded to the maximum.

That is in detail: All signal relevant transformers are custom silver wound. Each of the chassis is milled from a solid block of metal for a seamless surface. This includes the separate power supply which has its own chassis:

The high voltage is tube rectified with a full wave bridge. The 4 rectifier tubes are mounted horizontally inside the PSU chassis. Each voltage is choke filtered, including the DC filament supplies.

And as a unique speciality, custom tubes exclusively made by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH for the Intrepid series of amplifiers:

The tubes on the photo are pre production tubes. The first series production batch is in preparation.
The amplifiers produce 10W per channel with these tubes.

Alternatively the Intrepid amplifiers can be ordered for different tubes, for example TM801A and TM300B which can also be used with old production 801A tubes, which are also available from me on request. Any 300B compatible output tube can be used. In that configuration 7W are available per channel.

Like the Heritage Amplifiers, the Intrepid series can be configured to work with a variety of output and driver tubes, for example 45 drives 45, 46 drives 46. These would be 2W per channel (45) or 1.25W (46).

10 drives 45 shown above, also possible UX201A or 26 drives 45.

801A or 10Y drives 2A3 for 3.5W per channel:

Many options are possible and I have many NOS tubes in stock to choose from. The amps can also be reconfigured for different tubes after the purchase for a moderate fee. All tubes which are supplied by me for Intrepid amplifiers are guaranteed for 5 years.

The units are designed such that the amplifier can be stacked on top of the power supply.

The set of 4 chassis:

Each chassis is 434 by 434mm (plus knobs and connectors), 100mm high (plus feet).

The amps shown here have a brushed surface.

Alternatively glass pearl blasted surface is possible as well as black anodisation.

Other colors on request.

Also different style feet can be ordered.

And pretty much any customisation as long as it is technically feasible.

The matching line and phono preamplifiers are in  preparation as well as a DAC. Stay tuned!

These amplifiers will be demoed at the Munich High End, May 9th-12th, Hall 2, F06. See you there.

Best regards