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Friday, March 25, 2016

EC8020 Differential Phono Stage - Part 2


In the first post about the differential EC8020 phono stage I showed the initial steps of the assembly. In the meantime the signal unit is finished.

All the socket sub plates mounted and heater connections wired:

Some transformers and inductors are placed on the top side:

These will later be hidden under transformer covers

All signal connections done with solid core silver wire:

All remaining components get mounted on a separate metal plate:

This is attached to the top plate:

The completed signal unit contains a total of 28 transformers and inductors!

Another 6 transformers and chokes will be housed in the separate power supply.

As soon as the wooden frame is finished the unit will be put into the housing. Stay tuned for the next part which will show the power supply assembly.

Best regards


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Live from Bath : Cool Gales AudioFest 2016, Part 3


The second day of this years Bath AudioFest is on.

The system got tweaked a bit...

With some make shift speaker stands.

This gives a bit better distribution of the sound into the room. A quick sound check:

The 10Y line stage:

The tweeters of Wolf's SON speakers:

This is the building we are in:

The entrance of the other building.

Ivan Kursar of Cool Gales, the host of the show:

Best regards


Friday, March 18, 2016

Live from Bath : Cool Gales AudioFest 2016, Part 2


The system set up has been finished this morning.

The system in it's final shape before the doors open to the public:

Frank Schröder doing the final touches to the turntable set up:

... yeah, this seems about right ...

... let's have a first listen....

... and another track...

The first visitors coming in:

Best regards


Live from Bath : Cool Gales AudioFest 2016, Part 1 : Arrival


Arrived in Bath today for the Cool Gales AudioFest which will start tomorrow around noon.

As in previous years the event is located in two separate venues in short walking distance of each other. Part is at the Bath & County Club, I got a room in the Bath Royal Literary and Institution.

It is located in the heart of the city at Queen Square.

Our hotel, a beautifully restored building in Georgian style is conveniently located just across the place.

Some of the stuff already unpacked:

Mostly set up:

The first sound check will be done tomorrow morning.

A few more impressions from Bath.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

Best regards


Monday, March 14, 2016

300B Mono Blocks in Tower Style


The 300B monos in the tower style chassis are finished. These will go together with the 10Y line stage shown earlier this month. And will be used with power supplies in the same style.

These amps use the same circuit design and parts as the 300B monos built last summer. Just the chassis style is different. Signal section of one channel:

The interstage and output transformers are made by Tribute

The interstage transformer is placed on the top while the larger output transformer resides inside the chassis.

The tube sockets are on sub plates mounted below the top plate.

The two mono blocks with the matching line stage:

With tubes lit up:

Some more views:

View from the top:

More tube glow:

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