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Friday, November 30, 2018

We are hiring / Wir suchen Mitarbeiter


Demand for ELROG tubes is continually on the rise and exceeds production capacity. Therefore we are hiring to enhance the production staff.

Are you interested to work in vacuum tube production? Learn everything about how to make vacuum tubes and become a part of our team? These are some of the tasks you would be involved in:

- Assembly of the internal structure of vacuum tubes.
- Testing and formation of newly produced tubes
- Packaging and shipping

You should have some understanding of working with metal. Experience in working with glass is beneficial but not mandatory. You should have some electronics background and experience with working with high voltages. We are looking for people who share our passion for vacuum tube technology.

Interested? Please contact me to learn more.

Best regards


Die Nachfrage für ELROG Röhren steigt stetig und übertrifft unsere Produktionskapazität. Deshalb suchen wir Mitarbeiter für die Produktion.

Du möchtest in der Elektronenröhrenfertigung arbeiten? Alles über Röhren lernen und Teil unseres Teams werden? Die Aufgaben sind unter anderem:

- Montage von Elektronenröhren
- Test und Formierung neu produzierter Röhren
- Verpackung und Versand

Du solltest mit Metallen arbeiten können. Erfahrung in der Glasverarbeitung sind von Vorteil aber keine Voraussetzung. Du solltest Elektrotechnikkenntnisse mitbringen und mit hohen Spannungen umgehen können. Wir suchen Leute, die unsere Leidenschaft für Elektronenröhren teilen.

Interessiert? Schreib mir für nähere Informationen.

Viele Grüße


Thursday, November 22, 2018

ETF 2018 in France - recap


After sorting through the ETF photos I found a few more worth sharing.

The ETF is always good for some serious tube porn.

Vintage gear:

Modern gear:

Vintage lab supply:

Stephan's wall of measurement equipment is always impressive:

Amp under test:

Ralph soldering away:


Love that chassis:

Thanks to all for the great time

Best regards


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 10


Here the results from the finals of the shootout.

The winner was an amp with Eimac transmitter tubes.

Here the first part of the finals:

The audience demanded another piece of music to make a final decision.

See the second clip to learn more about this amplifier:

Best regards


Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 9


One of the traditions of the ETF is a shootout.

This years topic are single ended amplifiers.

16 participants entered the contest.

The shootout happened in knock out fashion in four rounds.

After the first round 8 players were left.

Those entered into round 2 which left 4 players in the field.

Then a semi-final and final round.

The large main speakers system was used.

It has enough efficiency to fill the big room with sound.

Here the final preparations before the actual shootout. Level matching of all amps and main are all are working:

And here the first two contestants:

The final round and winner will be shown in part 10 of my ETF report. Stay tuned!

Best regards


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 8


Another Mono System, set up by Thomas Nöltner.

A big horn concept.

A vintage bass drive unit is mounted on the side.

And a vintage compression driver on the midrange.

Sound check:

Best regards


Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 7


Here another system sound check.

Often it is the small systems which are very intriguing.

Quickly set up in a corner and easily overlooked.

Built with passion.

And not taking things too seriously.

But simply lovely sounding:

Best regards