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Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Product Line Coming


As mentioned in previous posts, there will be a new product line positioned between the Compactron and Intrepid components. 

This product line will initially consist of a D3a LCR phono stage, 10Y line preamplifier, 801A DAC, and 801A drive 300B power amps.

All in the new metal chassis design. The front and back plates are finished and assembly can begin.

Each component has a separate power supply.

Brushed aluminum front and back plates.

Different color anodisation is possible. The initial components will be silver and black.

Stay tuned for updates as the assembly of these proceeds

Best regards


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Classic D3a Phono


Another D3a phono finished in the classic portrait design.

This time with gold anodised metal plates, black transformer covers and black chassis.

This unit will be used with an already existing power supply.

So only a signal unit got built.

Next month a whole lot of amps and preamps will be built in the new chassis design. Stay tuned.

Best regards


Monday, February 19, 2024

Work in Progress


Here a quick peek into the workshop to show some of the work in progress.

After completion of the first batch of Compactron gear during the last month, I am now working on two other product lines. I already introduced the Intrepid series which will be comprised of all the most elaborate designs in my portfolio. There will be another product line between Compactron and Intrepid which I will introduce soon.

These three product lines will be shown at the upcoming High End in Munich.

While I am waiting for the chassis to be produced I started working on some of the internal modules like the power supply modules shown above.

These are the plates carrying the power transformers and tube rectifiers for 10 different PSUs.

A set of UX4 sockets mounted on metal plates which in turn will be mounted in a vibration damped fashion into the chassis. These are for linestages, power amps and DACs.

A module for a D3a phono stage.

And lastly a pre wired module for the top of the line differential EC8020 phono.

Yes 8 EC8020, and all silver transformers, plate chokes and RIAA coils.

Stay tuned for updates as all this gear gets assembled.

Best regards


Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Classic D3a Phono Preamplifier


Since I have been posting about many amps and preamps in my new chassis, people ask if the 'classic' chassis styles are discontinued.


Of course not! All amplifiers and preamplifiers in the chassis with wooden frames and metal plates remain in production and can be ordered.

The new chassis is meant as an alternative design for those who want a more discrete look without tubes, transformer covers and capacitors visible.

Here a D3a preamplifier which just got completed. All components in this chassis style continue to be offered as part of the Classic product line.

The most popular components of them can alternatively be built in the new all metal style. Initially that will be the 10Y linestage, D3a phono and 801A/300B monos.

This particular phono stage is partial silver and will be shipped to its new owner after thorough testing.

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Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Compactron Integrated Amplifier


Here is the last of the initial wave of Compactron gear I built in the recent months. An integrated Stereo Amplifier.

It is based on the same interstage transformer coupled design as the Compactron Power Amp. With Input selector and volume control added.

All inputs are for line level sources. The Phono input is meant to connect to an external phono stage like the Compactron Phono Preamplifier.

The volume control is a stepped resistive attenuator.

Output power is 7W per channel.

This amp is the ideal heart of a minimalistic system.

Add the Compactron DAC and a pair of speakers along with a CD transport and/or laptop or other digital source and you are ready to go.

And the phono stage to cover vinyl playback as well.

Glowing in the dark:

Best regards