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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

New Tubes!


New tube types are in preparation for the upcoming High End show in Munich.


When we want to try new approaches in electron tubes we've always been restricted by the need to match the parameters of existing tube types. This time we did it differently. What if we give the new structure we want to try priority and see which parameters the resulting tube has? If it cannot match an existing type why not build the amplifier such that it fits?

If you look at some vintage tubes they sometimes have cylindrical arrangement of cathode, grid and plate. More modern tubes moved away from this structure. But sound wise the cylindrical arrangement was always superior when I compared tubes of the same type with round plates to those with box shaped electrode arrangement.

Initial trials in the tube factory came up with this tube which has a single filament string in the center, a cylindrical wound grid around it and all inside a cylindrical plate. This way the geometry inside the tube is always the same no matter in which direction you look from the filament to the plate.

Measurements confirmed the superiority of this arrangement with very linear plate curves which also reflects in the sound. Thus our new tube was born, the ONE.

The ONE can be used in the linestage our DAC output stage of the upcoming Intrepid product line.

It is exclusively made by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH for use in my amplifiers and comes with a 5 year warranty.

The first production run of this tube is currently underway. But we won't stop here. We are working on two more tube types. One will be used as the driver tube in the Intrepid power amplifiers and the other will serve as output triode.

Here some pre production samples under test in the recently finished Heritage power amplifier. First series production is planned soon for these as well.

I am very excited to be able to offer these custom tubes as option in my upcoming amplifiers. I hope to have all three new types ready in time to show in Munich. Come to Hall 2, F06 to experience these.

Best regards


Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Heritage Power Amplifiers


The Heritage product line is now completed with a set of single ended mono power amplifiers.

These are mono blocks with directly heated driver and output tubes.

The driver is interstage transformer coupled to the output triode.

The power supply is housed in a separate chassis:

Like all heritage power supplies it uses 4 rectifier tubes in a full wave bridge configuration into a choke input filter. The tubes are mounted horizontally inside the chassis, so that the amp can be stacked on top of the PSU.

That results in 4 chassis total:

Each of the chassis is 434 by 434 mm and 100mm high (plus feet, different style feet are available).

The chassis are assembled from massive aluminum plates with brushed surface.

Different colors and surface treatments are available on request.

Also different tube configurations can be chosen. As standard the driver is ELROG ER801A and the output tube ELROG ER300B.

As an upgrade option ER801A-Mo and ER300B-Mo are available too, as well as TM801A and TM300B. Any other 300B compatible type can be used as well and on request NOS old production 801A will be delivered with the amps.

Other tube types can be configured too. For example the 45 as output tube. There are many different driver tubes possible for the 45:

10Y drives 45

26 drives 45

UX201A drives 45

UX112A drives 45

Or the '45 bliss' option: 45 drives 45

Please note that the tube choice has to be made when ordering. However if necessary the amps can be modified for the use of different tubes after purchase for a moderate fee.

I have many NOS tubes in stock to be able to offer a large variety of possibilities. Among them 2A3 as output tube (shown above with 10Y driver). And also the 46.

In the moment no Heritage amplifiers for the 211 or 845 are available yet since those would require larger chassis. But they will become available in the future.

Email me if you have any questions about these amps. Many more options than those listed are possible.

These amps will be shown at the upcoming Munich High End, Hall 2, F06. See you there.

Best regards


Monday, March 18, 2024

The Heritage Digital to Analog Converter


After the phono and line stage the next member of the Heritage product family is finished. A digital to Analog Converter with directly heated output tubes.

The DAC consists of 3 chassis. One for the digital power supply, one for the analog power supply and one for the actual signal section. Each chassis is 434 by 434 mm, plus knobs at the front and connectors at the back. The height is 100mm plus feet (different style feet are available) and tubes on top of the signal chassis.

The signal section uses a discrete R2R DAC which feeds into the grid of the output tube which in turn is transformer coupled for a low output impedance. This is as pure a signal path as you can get. All the analog amplification is done by directly heated triodes.

The DAC can receive digital data via a SPDIF RCA jack (i.e from a CD transport) or via a USB connector (from, media server, PC, streamer, etc). The DAC can handle PCM data up to 24bit 786kHz.

The directly heated output tube provides maximum transparency combined with music flow and rich tone colors. The low output impedance can drive long interconnects without any problem. No expensive interconnects are needed to utilise the sound potential of this DAC. Both RCA and XLR output are available as standard.

The external power supplies are split into separate chassis for digital and analog for maximum isolation. Again no accessories like exotic power cords or mains conditioners needed to get the best performance.

The high voltage analog supply is tube rectified with a full wave bridge arrangement. The rectifier tubes are mounted vertically inside the PSU chassis. All voltages including filament and digital suppliers are choke input filtered. The power supply chassis can be stacked.

The signal chassis can also be placed on top of the power supplies.

I ran out of black side panels so the digital PSU got a silver one which will be replaced later with black.

As standard the DAC will be delivered with Elrog ER801A tubes.

Other tube options are available on request like Elrog ER801A-Mo:

Or TM801A. For some info about the different Elrog 801A types I posted some user feedback.

Old production 801A tubes (or 801, VT62) are available on request too, as well as 10Y (10, VT25, VT25-A) including globe shape 10:

And even the super rare 1602 (special factory selected 10Y):

All these tube types above can be used in this DAC without any modification or user adjustments. Simply plug and play. The DAC can be built for other tubes as well. For example 26:

of course also globe UX226:

Or the 71A:

For a very special more 'vintage' sound, the UX201A would be possible too:

Of course also the 01A (ST glass version of the UX201A).

There are many other possibilities. Send your inquiry if you want such a DAC built for a specific tube. I will check if it is technically feasible. All the tubes shown here are available from my stock. Like all Heritage products, the tubes shipped with this DAC will carry a 2.5 year warranty.

The DAC can also be manufactured with silver anodised plates.

Email me if you have any questions or want a quote for such a DAC.

This DAC will be on demo at the Munich High End, Hall 2, F06. See you there!

Best regards