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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool Links: www.lundahl.se


As many of you know already, I use a lot of products from Lundahl Transformers of Sweden. Lundahl is a manufacturer with a tradition of more than 50 years. They are supplying transformers mainly for the pro audio industry and also for some telecom and video applications. And of course they have a wide portfolio of transformers and chokes for tube amplifiers and peramplifiers.

So of course the Lundahl website deserves a spot in the Cool Links section. Lundahl's web page is like their products: No bling, no fancy anything, no effort spent on a shiny look. Just function! This is quite refreshing. The site has all the datasheets available you need.

There is also a list of interesting technical papers and you will find the world wide distributors of Lundahl transformers.

I've been using Lundahl products for about 15 years now and have never been dissapointed. Their products are fo remarkable quality and consistency. As mentioned above, all the cost is poured into the materials and quality of manufacturing.

On the right you see the man himself: Per Lundahl, managing director of the company. He took this position over from his father, Lars Lundahl, who founded the company with his wife in 1958.

I had the pleasure to meet Per Lundahl personnally several times. Per attends exhibitions and also audio meetings like the European Triode Festival where he held a presentation about the manufacturing of his products in 2009.

Per is a great guy, a gentlemen and excellent business partner whom I hope to deal with for many years to come.

Lundahls product portfolio for tube audio applications has been constantly growing. Per has an open ear for the needs of the audio people and comes up with several new products each year. Most of their transformers are quite flexible and allow various connection alternatives.  A good example for this is the LL1660 transformer. It can be used as an interstage or line output transformer, depending on how the primaries and secondaris are connected. Both sides can be used as primary or secondary. This offers many possibilities. The same for the input transformer LL7903 which allows connections with any ratio from 8:1 step down to 1:8 step up. The MC step up transformers typically allow two ratios to be chosen. Another nice feature: Most transformers can be ordered with specific airgaps for a wide range of primary DC current, at no extra cost.

Here is a small sampling of Lundahl's product portfolio:

So if you plan a project, check out the product catalog of Lundahl. Most likely you will find all you need in terms of transformers and chokes. These are excellent sounding products with an extremely good price performance ratio.

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