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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tube Box Art, Part 6: Marconi


In this tube box art article I will show my favorite tube box of all. The packaging of a british Marconi MS4B tube.

Isn't this a stunning box with it's black and violet colors and gold decoration?

I found this tube many years ago in an antique shop. They had it prominently displayed in the window. I had to get it before somebody else does.

Marconi was a british tube manufacturer (valves in british english) founded in 1919 and later renamed to Marconi-Osram-Valves (MOV).

The MS4B which is in the box is an indirectly heated pentode with the european B5 base. I have only this single one of these. This is one of the very few cases when I bought a tube just because of the box.

This has been my favorite tube box ever since, so it deserves it's own tube box art post.

The photo on the right shows the bottom of the box, with the somewhat funny remark to open it at the other end. You can open the box at both ends without any probelm.

This box again is a nice example of remarkably beautiful box designs in the early years of vacuum tubes.

The photo below shows a side of the box with patent licence information.

Stay tuned for more tube box art. The next article will cover a famous american brand with a very distinctive motif on their boxes.

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