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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Captain Kirk Savors Vinyl!


Just saw the new Star Trek movie 'Into Darkness'. There is a scene in Captain Kirk's home with some vinyl playing while he has fun with two alien girls. It seems that the renaissance of vinyl keeps going strong. Another recent movie with a scene showing vinyl spinning on a turntable is Iron Man 3.

Vinyl records are also more and more present in advertisements.

What will be next? Tube amplifiers on the Enterprise? Now that would be cool!

Best regards



  1. Hi Thomas,

    I just had the pleasure to watch the new Star Trek movie and since you wrote about it, I was pretty excited to find the scene. The turntable looks great, as well as the two girls. ;)
    But I am pretty sure that there was a tube amplifier in the background. One looking like your landsscape models!? So if you have the possibility to watch the movie again, check it out!
    So far... best regards from Berlin and keep on going!


  2. It is interesting that you mention this. I have been listening to Vinyl since I was a kid and have not stopped, but it has recently picked back up. Almost every new movie out shows a scene where the main character is listening to a record at some point. Yes, Captain Kirk is listening to a record powered by a pretty big Tube Amp and you can also see the separate phono stage sitting next to the Amp and Record Player. Iron Man 3 as you already mentioned, and last night I was watching the new Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion, which is about a post-Nuclear War Earth....Tom has a record player and he listens to it for a scene or two. Long Live the Vinyl! Keep up the good work Thomas! I recently found your site about two months ago and have been studying your designs they are by far some of the cleanest and most elaborate looking Tube Amps on the inside with a very simple yet modern aesthetic on the outside (that includes every feature one would ever need) - You're designing and building some of the greatest Amps I have ever seen!!!