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Saturday, July 6, 2013

ELROG sound reports


In the meantime several people tried the Elrog tubes and I received some feedback which I'd like to share.

Oliver tried a pair Elrog 845 in this amp:

These are his findings:

The Elrog 845 adds much more transparency and detail. Tonality appears more natural. Dynamics are explosive with the Elrogs which could even be too much for some people's taste.Tone colors are great.

Here a photo of Oliver's system:

Here the Elrog 845 in another famous amplifier:

It reportedly sounded very close to NOS RCA 845, which are impossible to find nowadays at any price

And remarks about the Elrog 211:

The sound is very natural and warm!

I got GE and RCA VT-4-C
But none can compete with ELROG211!
very detailed from high to deep bass, without any offensiveness.
Thomas Mayer is right : the tone of ELROG is a bit similar to 45!

Jürgen uses Elrogs in his very elaborate and extremely well built 211 mono amps:

Tango interstage and output transformers, 801 driver tubes, external power supplies. These are his findings:

The beauty of the 45
The magic of the 300B
The power of the 211

Marco uses Elrog 211 tubes in these 211 mono blocks

His findings:

The Elrog 211 tubes show a constructive outstanding care which translates into much better performance than other tubes of the same type.
In particular, if compared with the GE 211, the sound is certainly more dry and fast, without that this is a negative connotation.
On the contrary, these features result in a much better transparency, more silence between the notes and the ability to perceive in the full orchestral the sounds of lower intensity and in the background, as is the live music.
However this does not happen at the expense of full-bodied sound and tonal coherence, as high mid and treble ranges merge together to form a musical fabric perfectly blended.
Also add that the fluidity of the sound, the natural emission and the dynamics are considerably higher than what was found with the GE and the same applies to the provision of sound, for which, even in the most difficult passages do not feel any effort or tonal compression, quality that is very important in listening to the CD where you do not feel any more hardness orscreeching.
Finally, it seems to me that the output power is greater with these tubes, but it could also be a sensation due to less distorsion than that wich is present with 211 GE
The judgment is therefore very positive.
These valves, which I try with the monoblock of Thomas Mayer, do take a significant leap in quality to the amplifiers in which they are installed.

Thanks to all who shared their experience and photos!

I just received another batch 211 and 845 tubes. If you are interested to test these, I will send a pair for a deposit of the purchase price. After a 2 weeks trial period you can either keep the tubes or send them back for a refund (except shipping cost). All you are risking is the shipping charge.

Contact me by email if you are interested: thomas - at - vinylsavor - dot - de

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  1. I'm interested in your last pair of slightly used Elrog 211s. I'm in the US (Massachusetts zip code 01864). What would the shipped cost be and how can I correspond with you via email?

  2. Hi!
    You can reach me by email: thomas -at- vinylsavor -dot- de
    Drop me an email and I will give you a quote