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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Elrog ER300B update 2


New tubes just arrived.

The issue with the fragile filaments has been addressed. First measurements show perfectly identical plate curves for matched pairs. The first pair is running in my amps and sounds as beautiful as the samples which I tested in October.

The new tubes also have a different base.

I will run extensive tests on each pair over the weekend. If all tests are satisfactory I will start shipping tubes next week. Thanks to everybody who put in a pre order for their patience. I expect to ship all pre orders within the next 3 weeks.

I am now also taking new pre orders.

The price of the tubes is 975,- Euros per pair within the EU (including VAT) or 820,- Euros export price outside the EU.

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  1. Like many others I was very curious to try the new tube, as thoriated tungsten is such a precious ingredient, right ? First I have the chance to listen to an Elrog 300B like amp in Thomas' place and all I can say, one month later, it was the "best" sounding tube ever. Now I got a pair of tubes replacing WE 300B in Berning's Siegfried and the changes are not subtle, there is more soul and presence in the tonality, the sound has blossomed and the immediacy reminds so much of my old time favorite, a globe 45 NOS . There is no short breathing in the large orchestra reproduction, and the bass especially is in a different league now from the classical (soft) 300B. So, what can one tube glow addict do ... I ordered a new amp with 10Y (or 300b Elrog) driving the new wunder kid on the block ?
    Wishing all peace and love (yes music helps a lot)

    Elrog Berning.jpg