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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

EC8020 Differential Phono Stage - Part 1


I have been talking about this phono stage since a long time. Now it finally becomes reality. A differential version of my LCR phono stages.

After the great success with the 10Y differential line stage especially in the over the top implementation with all silver transformers as 'ultimate line preamplifier', it is only natural to extend the same circuit topology to the phono stage as well. The first version of this phono will use the magnificent EC8020, queen of small signal triodes. Versions with other tubes like the D3a will certainly follow. So this one will be the differential pendant to my single ended EC8020 phono stage. The first implementation will mainly use copper transformers and chokes, only the built in MC  step up transformer and an intermediate transformer will be silver. An all out all silver version will follow later as the 'ultimate phono preamplifier'.

The photo above shows all parts which go onto the top plate. The basic design will follow the same layout as my latest single ended phono stages. The chassis gets lengthened a bit to make room for the 8 tubes.

Each tube socket gets it's own sub plate with vibration damped mounting to the main plate.

The socket sub assembly mounted to the main plate:

The underside:

I will post updates as the assembly progresses. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the thought and detail you are putting into every thing you do, Thomas. This will be one killer phono stage.