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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Live from Bath : Cool Gales AudioFest 2016, Part 3


The second day of this years Bath AudioFest is on.

The system got tweaked a bit...

With some make shift speaker stands.

This gives a bit better distribution of the sound into the room. A quick sound check:

The 10Y line stage:

The tweeters of Wolf's SON speakers:

This is the building we are in:

The entrance of the other building.

Ivan Kursar of Cool Gales, the host of the show:

Best regards



  1. Love the tube boxes as footers!

  2. OMG - I had no idea this was on. Is your system still at Cool Gales?

    1. Hi!
      Cool Gales has a phono stage from me on demo. The line stage and amp from the show will be at Cool Gales a few days before they are shipped back to me. Maybe give Ivan a call if you want to listen to them