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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Ultimate Phono Stage - Part 3


A quick update on the ultimate version of my phono stages.

As shown on Part 2, the phono was already pretty much finished last month. Due to some other tasks I only now found the time to do the last touch ups.

The signal section.

Signal section and power supply together:

The wood has been changed to the dark smoked eucalyptus for a better contrast to the gold coloured metal plates.

When I started this project I though the gold anodised metal with the maroon metallic red transformer covers might be a bit too gaudy. But since it is finished I like this color combination a lot.

Of course it can be built in any other color combination as well.

Close up the the rectifiers on the power supply:

The phono is playing right now. Stay tuned for part 4 with some sound impressions and more photos.

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  1. Beautiful! If I win a lottery I will buy this :-)

  2. Some data would be of interest. Gain, dist., output impedance and so on,

    1. Each of these is built to order and gain can be adjusted within a certain range to fit the requirements. Output impedance is about 200 Ohms



    2. An additional remark: Depending on the requirements output impedance can be traded for additional gain. If you are interested in one you can email me for details