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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The 10Y Linestage


The 10Y line preamplifier is the most popular among my line stages. Here some photos of 2 recently finished ones.

One of them in the classic silver/black/walnut color scheme and the other in gold/maroon red/smoked eucalyptus which is very popular lately. Here both side by side:

They share the exact same circuit and use Tribute OPTVCs with finemet cores.

Both these versions have separate volume controls for left and right allowing for some balance adjustment.

The gold one together with it's power supply:

On this one the OPTVCs are mounted under transformer covers to match the color of the caps.

A close up showing the metallic particles in the red varnish of the caps and transformer covers glowing on the sun:

The back side showing the in and outputs:

The silver/black preamp:

The Tribute transformers are visibly mounted behind the 10Y tubes.

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