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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Tweeter Amplifiers, Part 2


In part 1 I showed the tweeter amplifiers half way through assembly. Here are some photos of the finished amps.

These are mono blocks each with it's power supply on board.

Output tube is the 801A, driven by a 6N7.

A 6BY5 located at the back side does the rectification.

Top view:

Both amps together:

Although designed as tweeter amps for an active set up, these could be used fully range with speakers which do not have deep bass anyways. Roll off kicks in below 60Hz

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  1. Love the blog, such great work. I'm wondering what type of speakers these are built for? I often wonder what speakers people use with your different builds, maybe you could include that info for commissioned builds?

    1. Hi! My amps are used with many different speakers. Nit every customer who commissions a build wants to share such info publicly

  2. 801A interesting choice of tube for tweeter.Is there a link to the Active speakers used? Will it need mono blocks for both tweeter and horn?

    1. Hi! Therese are custom build amp for a specific speaker. Sorry I do not have a link for the speaker. In this specific case monos will also be used for the midrange horn