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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Ultimate Phono Stage - Part 5


Another project is finished, the second build of the ultimate version of my phono stage line up.

Fully differential circuit wth Telefunken EC8020 triodes and all signal transformers and chokes in silver.

The total count of silver parts is 20 pieces which splits into 8 signal transformers, 8 plate chokes and 4 LCR RIAA coils.

In addition there are another 8 chokes in the signal chassis. These are secondary to the signal path and are copper wound. These are 4 grid chokes and 4 cathode chokes. This brings the total count of transformers and chokes in the signal chassis to 28! 12 of those are housed under the transformer covers on the top. 3 under each cover. The rest is mounted inside.

The separate power supply chassis houses another 2 transformers and 5 chokes. The circuit is the same as used in the first silver unit which I showed in part 4 and demoed at the High End in Munich.

The color combination is the same as used on my first differential EC8020 phono which was a copper version.

Since my supply of EC8020 triodes is limited and I keep spare replacement tubes for each such phono stage sold, this type of phono stage is only available in very limited numbers. After this one only two more such phono stages will be built.

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