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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D3a Phono & 10Y Line Stage Landscape Style


Last November I showed some results of the ongoing preamplifier production. Those were all in portrait chassis. Today I have a set of D3a LCR phono and 10Y line stage finished in the classic landscape style.

For comparison click here for a similar set in portrait chassis.

The signal section of the phono stage.

The power supply:

The signal section of the linestage:

In terms of circuit, parts and sound quality there is no difference between the chassis styles.

Some like the classic look of the landscape style with easy access to the connectors on the top. Others simply like the more traditional set up with all connectors hidden on the backside. A matter of taste.

Top views of 10Y linestage and power supply.

The two power supplies look identical but are different inside. They also have different umbilical connectors so they cannot be mixed up by accident.

D3a phono top view.

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