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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My statement in preamplification


I'd like to share some photos of the latest build of my state of the art preamplifier combination.

A differential EC8020 phono stage and differential 10Y linestage.

I used to call these the ultimate phono and ultimate linestage. But that term seems to be overused lately and sounds a bit cheesy. So lets just say this is my best offering in terms of preampfification.

The two signal chassis above and each has it's separate power supply:

The phono uses 8 carefully selected and matched EC8020 tubes.

I keep spare tubes for each phono sold, to be able to provide replacements for many years to come. So only a limited number of these can be built. I can offer only one more such phono stage unless I find a stash of more EC8020 tubes, which is rather unlikely.

Each tube socket s mounted on a separate vibration damped sub plate. Also for the linestage which uses 4 10Y tubes. 801A or other variants can be used as well.

In total there are 16 silver transformers in this combination, plus 2 silver auto former volume controls, 4 silver LCR RIAA coils and 14 silver pate chokes.

The power supplies follow the usual full wave bridge rectification scheme with 4 TV dampers. All heavily choke filtered.

The filament and heater supplies are choke filtered as well. In addition to the silver parts mentioned above there are a total of 17 copper chokes in the power supplies and local filtering in the signal chassis.

This particular build is with gold anodised metal plates, maroon red transformer covers and capacitors in soaked eucalyptus wood chassis.

Interested in such a preamp? Don't hesitate to contact me

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