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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Live from Hong Kong : Showroom Opening


Here a few impressions from the opening day of the showroom in Hong Kong.

Azzolina Audio Mojo speakers driven by 211/211 single ended mono amplifiers:

The amplifiers are the version with the ELROG ER27A rectifiers in the power supply. While the ELROG ER211 is used as driver, we equipped the output sockets with the molybdenum plate ER242. The 845 mono blocks in the front could be hooked up alternatively.

Two sets of preamplifiers available to be swapped between. A 10Y linestage and D3a phono and a set of my statement preamplifier with differential all silver 10Y line and EC8020 phono stage. A Garrard 401 with a Thomas Schick plinth and arm. Cartridge is a Lyra Etna.

For the opening we received a nice flower bouquet as welcome gift which was placed at the entrance.

Right after opening we had the room full with the first visitors.

A lot of discussions about the gear and of course also listening:

It's been a great first day and we enjoyed it a lot.

The opening of the showroom continues until April 10th. Visit us in room 304 in the Carnival Commercial Building, 18 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong. After that arrangements for individual listening sessions can be made. Call or email Emmanuel Lebreton of Baoling Alternative Audio for an appointment.

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  1. Nice to see you there. Congratulations. The best wishes. I am looking forward to your performance in Munich in this formation. Frank Wogatzki