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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

10Y Line Preamplifier Portrait Style


The last post showed a 10Y line preamplifier in landscape style, here are two in portrait chassis.

Both finished with black transformer covers and black capacitors in walnut chassis.

The one on the left has a tape monitor loop, hence the additional switch in the middle.

Each linetage is customised to such specific needs.

Drop me an email if you are interested to have your own 10Y linestage tailor-made for you

Best regards



  1. Thomas,

    I've been listening for few days now and I'm at a lost for words for how good this preamp is. Your 6AH4 was my benchmark until this arrived. Words does not do the 10Y justice. You must hear to appreciate and realize how good this preamp is. The tonal purity and transparency are simply breathtaking. This hands down has to rank with the greatest preamps in the world. The wait was very long but was well worth it in the end. Thank you again Thomas, for your amazing designs, engineering , and contributions to the greatest hobby in the world - love of music.