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Monday, September 21, 2020

The Stereo 300B Amplifier - Part 2


Here some photos of the finished stereo 300B amplifier.

The amplifier is split into two chassis, the actual amp containing both channels and an external power supply.

The chassis have a floorspace of 305 by 305mm. Height of the wooden body is 400mm overall height including feet and tubes about 600mm.

In part 1 I showed the pre-assembled submodules. Here we see how they are stacked together. All electrical parameters are tested before the amp and PSU are fitted into their enclosures.

Some tubes are plugged into test adapters to access the pins for measurements. This amplifier produces 8W per channel and is equipped with ELROG ER300B as standard. The driver tubes are NOS 6SN7 and the power supply uses 6AX4 as rectifiers.

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