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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Making of 45 Drives 45 Mono Amps - Part 1


A new pair of Single Ended 45 mono amps with 45 Driver is in the making.

The 45 which goes into the left socket serves as driver tube and is connected to the 45 on the right through an interstage transformer. The 4 sockets in the back are for 6AX4 TV damper tubes configured as a full ave bridge rectifier.

The top metal plates anodised in gold.

Sockets and some resistors added.

Filament chokes, critical capacitors and she input transformer are mounted directly to the top plate for short signal wiring.

The top part ready to be attached to the next level.

Next comes a sub plate which holds the transformers, some choked and capacitors.

Attaching the next level to the top part:

The power supplies (high voltage and filaments) are located on a sub plate which mounts at the bottom.

The amp is tested like this before it is inserted into the wooden enclosure.

Stay tuned for part 2 which will show the finished amps.

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