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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Silver TM300B Mono Blocks: How Do They Sound?


Some people asked about the sound of the recently shown all silver mono amplifiers using the TM300B tubes. Since I am of course highly biased with regard to the sound of my amps, I prefer to let others speak about their sound

These amps had been commissioned by a customer after auditioning a pair of silver 46 monos against a pair of copper TM300B monos.

He is using these amps with this silver differential linestage:

Here is his feedback:

I had the opportunity to hear the 46 mono silver power amps with my Aries Cerat horn speakers and it was immediately obvious why the 46 power tube is so highly regarded by Thomas. The level of subtlety that the 46 presented in these mono power amps was deeply impressive. Unfortunately, the 1.25 watts of output power wasn‘t enough for my horns though they claim to be quite efficient. The reason for this is probably the impedance curve that isn‘t that linear.
With the TM300b silver monos, especially in combination with the differential silver preamplifier, I got a wonderful alternative, which in my view is in no way inferior to the qualities of the 46s. For my taste, there are even advantages here in terms of somewhat more liveliness that is not exaggerated and effect hash, but supports a realistic presentation. In any case, I am highly satisfied with these power amplifiers and can recommend them to anybody with adequate speakers.

Later this year a silver phono preamplifier will be added to his system.

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