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Thursday, September 1, 2022

All DHT Headphone System


I often get inquiries about headphone amplifiers. Although I do have a headphone amp in my portfolio with the E55L as output tubes. Many want a DHT.

The 10Y line preamp can perfectly drive high impedance headphones (300 Ohm or more) and is useable as a normal preamp at the same time. It works very well for example with the Sennheiser HD600 shown in the photo. This HP has an impedance of 300 Ohms. Existing 10Y line preamps can be used with headphones simply with a suitable adaptor. For new builds, headphone jacks can be added at the front and/or back of the unit.

For those who have lower impedance headphones, I am proposing to add a 'booster stage' which is then driven by the 10Y preamp. This booster stage can be built with any suitable DHT. For example 45, 46, 2A3 and of course 300B or even another 10Y or 801A. The booster stage would get it's own separate power supply.

Such a system could be used to drive any headphone on the market and even very high efficient speakers.

If you are interested in your own state of the art all DHT headphone system, drop me an email

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  1. And with the addition of a bias supply of 580v and selecting/wiring output transformers for a little step up we could even drive some Stax. 😅