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Monday, May 30, 2011

Amplifier demo in Bath, UK, coming Saturday


This is a reminder for the Annual Cool Gales Analogue Fest which will take place coming Saturday, June 4th in Bath, UK. See my earlier post about this event for details.

Here just a quick update and reminder. This is what I will bring to the event:

The Octal Preamplifier Mk2 (left) with external power supply (mid) and a Stereo 46 Single ended DHT amplifier (right). The Preamplifier is a full function preamp with built in MC phono stage. The phono stage uses 6SC7 and 6N7 tubes in a LC coupled circuit with passive split RIAA. The line section uses a transformer coupled 6AH4 triode. Volume control is done with an autoformer.

The 46 amp puts out a whopping 1.5W per channel of the finest directly heated triode sound. The 46 is similar to a 45. The amp will also be demonstrated with a 45 triode as output tube via a socket adaptor.

Looking forward to meeting you in Bath!

Best regards


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