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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Silbatone at the High End fair in Munich


In 2010 Silbatone started the tradition of bringing glorious vintage Western Electric sound to the High End fair in Munich. Each year they are bringing a more exciting, more exotic and more vintage set up and repeat to amaze and dazzle the visitors and stirr up the scene.

This year they brought a set up with the WE15A horns.

The horns were driven with WE555 field coil drivers.

Supported by a field coil tweeter, coupled with a cap which is just hanging at the cable:

Some views from different angles:

As in the previous years, this set up drew a lot of people into the room.

Also on demo were two speakers from GIP.

The set up was driven by Silbatone amplification:

Note the Kraftwerk LP on the left. This was played a lot. A long with all kinds of music from classical to Black Sabbath which caused a lot of grey haired guys to show their head banging skills.

One of the sources was this uniquely designed turntable from Thomas Schick:

A huge sub with EV30 and Altec 515Bs, designed by JC Morrison supported the horns in the low frequency department:

Joe Roberts (right), Holger Barske (middle) and Thomas Schick (left)

After the show we ended the day with a get together in one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Munich.

Thanks to the Silbatone crowd for bringing this set up and for sharing their passion for such vintage gear.

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  1. Hi Thomas... deeply missing Munchen show... BTW, am I wrong or also a small piece of Frank Schroeder behind JRob;-)?!?!

  2. Hi Stefano,

    yep, that's Frank...


  3. Always a pleasure to meet you and all our friends in Munich. I like the blog but I love the 3-D, cigar smoking, grinning, analog human format much more.

    It is happy social get-togethers such as our time in Munich that convince me that we are entirely normal and well-adjusted, and it is the rest of the universe that is off-track!

    Let's do it again next year!

  4. Hi Joe,

    yes it was a great time. Lookinng forward to next year!


  5. Hi Thomas:
    Audio gear fans dream WE555.