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Monday, October 15, 2012

EC8020 !!!


I just acquired a nice lot of 40 NOS/NIB (New Old Stock/New In Box) Telefunken EC8020s. This probably is the largest number of EC8020s which was available for purchase in a single lot since a long time. At least the largest lot I ever came across.

These make a nice addition to my existing stock and enable me to keep spare tubes for each phonostage or other component I build with EC8020.

Due to the rarity of this tube this was a lucky find. I consider the EC8020 as the queen of indirectly heated triodes. It is the only tube which made it twice into the Tube of the Month series. The first time it was covered in an article in 2010 and revisited a few months ago in this post.

There is a nice article about this tube on the ANSAHT website.

This tube continues to amaze me for it's electrical characteristics, supreme build quality, long life and last but not least it's sound qualities. Examples of phonostages using this tube can be seen here and here. I'm planning another LCR phonostage with this tube in the chassis style of my modular preamp. This time fully differential, using a total of 8 EC8020 triodes.


If you are interested to get such a preamp custom build, don't hesitate to contact me. There will be enough spare tubes kept in reserve to keep it going for a long time. Due to the long life of this tube a spare set might not even be needed.

Stay tuned for reports about the building of the differential EC8020 phono preamplifier, which is supposed to become my ultimate tool for savoring vinyl.

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  1. Pure porn, Thomas... greeeeat find!

    1. Rushing to get myself a Lotto ticket this week end (and hoping for a win!)so that I can be first in line for the balanced phono pre with LCR and EC8020!



    2. Hi

      I would like to buy 1 pair.
      Do you have it ?


    3. Hi!

      Sorry, I don't sell just the tubes. They are reserved for the phonostages they go in ;-)