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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cool Gales Bath AudioFest 2013 photos.


Last weekend I exhibited some of my new preamplifiers on the Cool Gales Bath AudioFest which is hosted annually. Ivan Kursar invites a few selected manufacturers each year to show their equipment. The event was held in two locations within walking distance. I was lucky to get a room in the prestigious Bath and County Club:

I had the pleasure to set up a system together with Ulla Scheu of Scheu Analog. I was very glad to team up with Ulla since I am using Scheu turntables since many many years. We used a Classic Line turntable equipped with the Tacco tonearm along with my Octal Phono Preamplifier and Octal Line Preamplifier:

Ivan's two chassis single ended 6CB5A amplifier served as power amp driving Audioarum's LaGrande speakers:

Despite the rather large room the moderately sized speakers had no problem to fill the room with sound, powered from just 7W.

Also on display, the full function Octal preamplifier:

And Ulla's gorgeous Diamond turntable with a stunning base in pink:

We had a lot of fun during the exhibition, playing various pieces of music and chatting with the visitors.
Thanks a lot to all the visitors for the nice feedback. Many thanks to Nicolas of Audiaurum for providing these great speakers. And last but not least to Ivan and his family for organising such a high quality event.

See you again next year for the Cool Gales Bath AudioFest 2014!


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