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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Field Coil Power Supplies


Two field coil power supplies just finished:

Both contain two independent supplies for left and right speakers. One will power Kilimanjaro woofers:

And the other will be used for GIP laboratory midrange horn drivers:

The power supplies are passively filtered using Lundahl LL2733 filament chokes. I used my filament transformers to supply the AC. Rectification is done with Schottky diodes.

Some means of adjustment is provided by a set of switches:

The two switches on the right allow aadding or subtracting about 10% by selection of different transformer taps. In addition +/- 5% fine adjustment can be done with the left switches which select different primary taps of the transformers.

Digital LCD displays show voltages and currents for left and right:

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