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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Live from Berlin : ETF 2014 - Part 2


Set up work progresses! There is already music playing here and there. But in most rooms there is still a lot of soldering going on.

This year threes a delegation of participants from Japan and they brought some very interesting looking stuff:

Everything just unloaded and assembly is going on. These are some very unique looking amplifiers. All in wood chassis.

Very special looking transformers also in wood encasings:

And check out these gorgeous speakers:

I am looking forward to listen to this stuff and get more information about it. I will report back.

Holger made some progress with the the 4355s:

What a contrast compared to the stuff from Japan! This is what the ETF is about. So vastly different styles, tastes and technologies.

Stay tuned!

Best regards



  1. ETF 2014 beauty photos thanks Thomas !
    Very inspiring me for diy new amplifier :-D
    I am very curious about Japan audiophiles aproach.
    Best regards

  2. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for the pictures and amazing sound clips ( saw them in reverse order!). A singular service to those who are not in a position to attend!