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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tube Box Art, Part 18 : Westinghouse


One of the major players in vacuum tube manufacturing history is still missing from the Tube Box Art series: Westinghouse.

Let's start with some of their earlier boxes:

These contain type 26 triodes:

A 45 DHT and a 6CB5 beam power tetrode in different style boxes:

A 2A3 and an octal tube in gold/black/white boxes:

A 6BY5 TV damper box:

6AX4 TV damper boxes:

These are rather modern and bland:

And finally some beautiful boxes of 816 mercury vapour rectifiers:

The 816 is the small sister of the impressive 866A.

This tube will be covered in it's own Tube of the Month article soon!

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  1. Hi Hr.Mayor !
    First I would like to thank you for the most entertaining blog regarding tubes and their surroundings. Please crack open a bottle of Elrog 2014/15 soon in the "tube of the month/century" series. Your photography is outstanding and your comments are priceless.
    v.g. Kim Schacht